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Why Buy OEM Parts for Your Mazda

If you need a repair made to your Mazda vehicle, you’ll likely hear our service technicians recommend OEM parts. When you need to make a repair, you have a choice between using OEM parts and aftermarket parts. Both will get the job done, but here is why Gem Mazda recommends buying OEM parts for your Mazda when possible:

  • Quality: While both OEM and aftermarket parts will fix your vehicle, Mazda OEM parts are designed specifically for your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are meant to work with multiple makes and models, while Mazda parts are made to fit your vehicle specifically, meaning they’ll fit and work well with your Mazda.
  • Design: We know one of the reasons you love your Mazda is that it’s gorgeous. Choosing OEM parts maintains consistency in your design and will seamlessly blend in with the rest of the vehicle. While performance is always at the forefront when we’re working on a repair, we know it doesn’t hurt if your vehicle looks just as beautiful as it did before you needed the repair.
  • Warranty: Some OEM parts come with a warranty that you might not get with an aftermarket part. This added peace of mind is huge when you’re looking to save money and be sure that your vehicle is operating at its best. Talk to our technicians about warranties when you visit.
Come in to your service department in Tallahassee to find out more about using OEM parts. You can schedule your appointment online or call 850-296-1702 today to get going.